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Hot Dog Hot Owner goes live on NBC6 in the mix

Hey Fwends,   Since today is Throwback Thursday #tbt, we wanted to bring back the time when we aired on the local NBC6 news. Kahlua and I were not prepared at all, but it was a hit. We received called from so many people in Dade/Broward County and asked us questions on how to help dogs at rescue organizations. It was a total privilege and an amazing opportunity to have been asked to come on NBC6 and share our story, the brand and why we do what we do for the Love of our dogs. It made us dedicate more than we have to the community and to rescue centers as well. We want all you to know that we...

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Hello to every H O T T Y! We could not be more proud because this is a very special blog post. Not only is it our very first one but it is about representing the HDHO of Miami! That's right, we are working really hard to get together with weenies and their owners all around South Florida. We are talking about from West Palm Beach to Key West.  HDHO feels truly blessed and grateful for the amazing opportunities we've had in the past year and a half. We could not have done it with YOU! 2016/17 RECAP: Our first festival was at 2016 Dachstoberfest in West Pam Beach, FL.It was the most rewarding feeling for all of us. Soon after,...

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