Hi, I'm Natasha and I am the CEO of Hot Dog Hot Owner and Dog Mom.

HDHO is inspired by the bond between a dog and an owner.

"All you need is LOVE... and a DOG!"

My Story:

It began with a love story and companionship back when I was studying at Florida State University. Bacardi "Bibi" Rodriguez was my partner in crime from Day One. He taught me a valuable lesson: Life was (literally) too short. He was a best friend without ever saying a word. At the age of 4, I brought him a four legged partner, his biological daughter Kahlua Rodriguez. They were ying and yang, and it was amazing to watch daddy and his little girl together. Kahlua ran the show, and Bibi would gladly let her.

At the age six, Bibi suffered a horrible case of IVDD, and we tried so hard to save him. (Thank you to all the people that supported us.) It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. He knew every heartbreak, every happiness – and even at his last breath, he knew what was happening and we said our goodbyes. He left a mark on me forever. After a year, we noticed Kahlua was not getting better, she was even suffering with anxiety and depression. I told myself, "That's it! I am getting another WEENIE!" We adopted Stella Artois Rodriguez at four months from DRSF. She is the light at the end of the tunnel for both Kahlua and I. These two girls adore each other, and they really are two peas in a pod!

In honor of Bibi and the life of weenies, we came together and started a genuine lifestyle brand to show the love between dog and its owner. Matching with your mini! Not only are we doxie lovers, but we welcome all dogs and their owners. All designs and creative artwork speaks to every breed. 

With love,

Natasha E. Rodriguez
HDHO Owner and Dog Mom

In memory of Bacardi "Bibi" Rodriguez (Aug. 20, 2009 - Aug. 21, 2015)

Mission Statement:

We believe that every hot dog deserves a hot owner, and our products are made to express the connection between the two.

"Life is Short - Love A Long Dog!"

Give Back:

Participated as a vendor at Dachtoberfest 2016 & 2017 in West Palm Beach, FL and Winerfest 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, FL - portion of proceeds went to Dachshund Rescue of South Florida (DRSF).

Participated in Walk for Animals 2016.

Adopted a doxie from Dachshund of South Florida Rescue.

We love to join dog events as vendors!

"Say NO to IVDD!" 

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